Free 3ds eShop Codes Generator

A site named is a free 3ds eshop codes generator where you can generate download codes for eShop games that you can use on your Nintendo 3DS. We tested the site and can confirm that the site is 100% legit.

free 3ds eshop codes generator

One caveat on the site’s service is the availability of codes. Sometimes, when you are lucky, you will see that more codes are available. There are times that it says that no codes are available, as well as only a few more left. But as an action, get the code once it says there is an available code and you are good.

Free games are free games.

Nintendo 3DS games are not cheap, they are expensive. Have you ever bought something expensive that made you realize after some time that it is not really worth the money for you. This site will save you from that dilemma.

You get free 3DS games, test it, and if you really like it, then get a physical copy of the game.

Codes given are 100% legit copies, do not abuse it.

How to get the codes?

  1. First, find your game on the site.
  2. Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the download section.
  3. Follow the instructions, share the page once, select your 3DS region, and click on generate code.
  4. After generating a code, you might be asked for verification. Perform the verification test and get your code.
  5. Use the code to redeem a game from the Nintendo eShop.

Download the 3DS game for free and enjoy!